growth groups

Here at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace we have designed a 4-stage path to discipleship. Here we believe that Sunday mornings are just the beginning of our growth process. So here are the four ways to grow spiritually at Saving Grace.

1. Sunday service
2. Life Groups
3. Growth Groups
4. Study Groups

At the bottom of this page you can access all our Growth Group curriculum.

Growth Groups are a 5-6 month small group that meet weekly for times of studying and discussion. Growth groups are gender specific and there is normally 3-5 people per group. This is sort of the nuts and bolts of discipleship where we are really able to get to the heart of what it means to follow Jesus. Sign up below, and see the bottom of this page if you are looking for our curriculum. 

Growth Group Curriculum

Part One:
"Follow Me"

part two:
"I will Make You"

part three:
"Fishers of Men"